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This workshop aims to bring together the main players involved in the open science field, namely policy makers, scientific publishers, tools developers, and researchers.

We want to provide a space not only for sharing and presenting open-source tools but also to discuss both the impact and the future of the open science movement.

Centered on the neuroscience domain, this workshop will take place over two days:

  • The first day will be dedicated to plenary lectures covering a large range of topics such as open institutions, open publications, data collection and analyses with open tools and open data management. In each of the topics presented we will have two invited speakers and a round table discussion.
  • The second day participants will have the possibility to take part in two different open science hands-on sessions.

According to the previous edition, we anticipate having an audience composed of researchers from all domains of neurosciences (genetics, molecular, physiology, anatomy, integrative, computational & clinical) from France and abroad.

Organizing Committee

Eric Burguière

Founder and coordinator
Team leader of the NERB team

Karim N’Diaye

Paris Brain Institute

Ninon Burgos

Paris Brain Institute

Stephen Whitmarsh

Paris Brain Institute

Lizbeth Mondragon

Paris Brain Institute

Daniela Domingues

Paris Brain Institute

Adrien Schramm

Impulse Science

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