NOW 2023 Program

November 22nd Lectures


8:30         Breakfast, badge pick-up

9:00         Welcome words – Eric Burguière

9:10         Introduction to open science – Robert Oostenveld (pdf)



Open Institutions

Chair: Karim N’Diaye​

9:30         Reforming research assessment: CoARA – Bregt Saenen (pdf)

9:50          Promoting Open Science Worldwide: TReND in Africa – Andre Chagas (pdf)

10:10   –     Round table

10:40   –     Coffee break and posters


Open Publications

Chair: Ninon Burgos​

11:00   –     Declining scientific publication model – Jean-François Mangin (pdf)

11:20   –     Rising alternatives: Peer Community InRebecca Jordan & Mahesh Karnani (pdf)

11:40   –     Round table

12:10    –    Lunch & posters



Open Projects

Chair: Stephen Whitmarsh​

13:30    –    Short presentations of selected Open Science projects

Open Scientific Tools

Data Collection & Analysis

Chair: Daniela Domingues

14:30       Beatbox: Automated operant chamber for high-throughput neurobehavioural data in rodents – Eric Burguière (pdf)

14:50       International Brain Laboratory initiative – Guido Meijer (pdf)

15:10    –    Round table

15:40    –    Coffee break and posters


Data Management

Chair: Lizbeth Mondragon​

16:00    –    BIDS: Open-source standard for the organization of neuro data – Remi Gau (pdf)

16:20       Clinica: Neuroimaging organization and processing pipelines – Ninon Burgos (pdf)

16:40    –    Round table

17:10    –    Day 1 wrap up – Day 2 instructions

17:45     –   Wine and cheese cocktail




November 23rd – Workshop

Small-group hands-on tutorial sessions will take place in different rooms of the Paris Brain Institute. Please apply for your preferred sessions during registration.

More information will be added to this section, but here’s a preliminary taste of the workshops and demonstrations we will provide:


08h30 – Breakfast
09h00 – 1st Workshop – am session
12h00 – Lunch break (rotation)
13h30 – 2nd Workshop – pm session
16h30 – End

Arduino 101

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller platform for creating and programming electronic devices. Learn how to harness analogue and digital inputs/outputs, while mastering file reading and timestamp saving

Light sheet image analysis

 ——-   This Workshop is Full  ——- 

We present a documented graphical user interface of the open source software ClearMap2 that allows to easily process whole-brain optical imaging datasets to reconstruct, analyse and visualise cell labelling or vascular graphs vetted with the help of artificial neural networks.

Code/data versioning

Learn how versioning code with GitHub, following a community-defined specification to organise neuroimaging data (BIDS) and versioning data with DVC can allow you to improve the reproducibility of your research. An illustration with Clinica (

Web-based behavioural experiments

Online behavioral testing can provide large amounts of data required to feed machine-learning approaches and study populations that are otherwise hard to reach. Familiarize yourself with key tools and techniques to develop your own web experiments.

3D-printing, Fablab

Learn the basics of mechanical design to create your own parts and assemblies, and learn how to manufacture them.


Robert Oostenveld

Fieldtrip main developer
Donders, The Netherlands

Andre Chagas

Trend in Africa
Sussex Univ., UK

Bregt Saenen

Senior Policy Officer
Science Europe, Belgium

Jean-François Mangin

Director of the BAOBAB unit
Neurospin CEA, France

Rebecca Jordan

PCI Neuroscience Board
Edinburgh Univ., Scotland

Eric Burguière

Beatbox coordinator
CNRS-ICM, France

Guido Meijer

Software Engineer
Donders, The Netherlands

Remi Gau

BIDS developer
MGill Univ., Canada

Ninon Burgos

Clinica Co Manager
CNRS-ICM, France

Mahesh Karnani

PCI Neuroscience Board
Vrije Univ. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Daniela Domingues

ICM, France

Romain Ligneul

CRNL, France

Lizbeth Mondragon

Arduino 101
ICM, France

Pierre Pavlov

Arduino 101
ICM, France

Ninon Burgos

Code & data sharing
ICM, France

Pierre Tissier

Fablab DiY
ICM, France

Charly Rousseau

ICM, France

Matthieu Joulot

Code & data sharing
ICM, France

Camille Brianceau

Code & data sharing
ICM, France

Nicolas Gensollen

Code & data sharing
ICM, France

Ghislain Vaillant

Code & data sharing
ICM, France


Daniela Domingues

ICM, France

Lizbeth Mondragon

ICM, France

Ninon Burgos

ICM, France

Karim N’Diaye

ICM, France

Stephen Whitmarsh

ICM, France