NOW – 2019 Program

January 15th – Lectures

Please find below the program with the links to the videos and slides of the lectures. Note that the presentations are under Creative Common 4.0 (CC-BY-SA) license, in short you can share and modify it as long as you credit both the speaker and the conference.


8:30         Breakfast, badge pick-up

9:00         Welcome words – Eric Burguière  (PDF, video)

9:10         Introduction to open science – Guillaume Dumas  (PDF, video)


#Open Society

Chair: Guillaume Dumas

9:30         Open Science: Science Europe’s past, present and future work – Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch  (PDF, video)

9:50         The Open Science experience of the rare disease community – Ségolène Aymé  (PDF, video)

10:10   –     Round Table (Speakers)  (video)

10:40   –     Break


#Open Publications

Chair: Célya Gruson-Daniel

11:00   –     What will it take to finally make open access the default in scholarly
communication? – Colleen Campbell  (PDF, video)

11:20   –     Post-publication review and curation with PubPeer and
Peeriodicals – Brandon Stell  (PDF, video)

11:40   –     Round Table (Speakers + Marie Garambois, Sorbonne Univ. (video)


#Open Projects

12:10    –     Short presentations of Open Science projects  (PDF, video)

12:30    –     Lunch & posters

#Reproducible research

Chair: Céline Hernandez

14:00       Effective computing for research reproducibility – Laura Fortunato  (PDF, video)

14:20       Computational and statistical reproducibility in data-intensive
Neuroscience – Gaël Varoquaux  (PDF, video)

14:40    –    Round Table (Speakers + Olivier Colliot, Coordinator of Clinica


#Open Data/Analysis

Chair: Karim N’Diaye

15:10    –    The experience of the ICM center of neuroinformatics – Stanley Durrleman  (PDF, video)

15:30       The next frontier in Open Neuroscience: Large-scale, standardized,
brain observatories – Jérôme Lecoq  (PDF, video)

15:50    –    Round Table (Speakers)  (video)

16:20    –    Break


#Open Hardware

Chair: Eric Burguière

16:40       Open-source tools for electrophysiology – Jakob Voigts 
(PDF, video)

17:00       Miniature microscopes and the brain: Bridging the gap between
neuroscience and technology – Daniel Aharoni  (PDF, video)

17:20     –   Round Table (Speakers + Filipe Carvalho, Champalimaud Center) 

18:00     –   Wine and cheese cocktail




January 16th – Workshop

Small-group hands-on tutorial sessions will take place in different rooms of the ICM. Please apply for your preferred sessions during registration.

More information will be added to this section, but here’s a preliminary taste of the workshops and demonstrations we will provide:

Arduino 101
Miniscope  (Chronic calcium imaging)
Allen Institute atlas
Open ephys
 Collaborative neuroimaging tools


Side events including open neuroscience and art, live challenges…


Daniel Aharoni

Miniscope Coordinator

Ségolène Aymé

Creator of Orphanet
Inserm – ICM, France

Colleen Campbell

Open Access 2020 Initiative
Max Planck Digital Library, Germany

Guillaume Dumas

Co-founder of the HackYourPhD community
Inst. Pasteur, France

Stanley Durrleman

Director of ICM Center for Neuroinformatics
Inria – ICM, France

Laura Fortunato

Founder Reproducible Research Oxford
Oxford Univ., UK

Jérôme Lecoq

Senior Manager OpenScope
Allen Institute, USA

Brandon Stell

CoFounder of PubPeer
CNRS – Paris Descartes, France

Gaël Varoquaux

Director of Scikit-learn
Inria – Neurospin, France

Jakob Voigts

Founder of Open ephys

Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch

Head of Research Affairs
Science Europe, Belgium


Daniel Aharoni


Ninon Burgos

Inria – ICM, France

Jérôme Lecoq

Allen Institute, USA

Céline Hernandez

ENS, France

Marin Manuel

CNRS – Paris Descartes, France

Jakob Voigts


Marine Euvrard

ICM, France

Lizbeth Mondragon

ICM, France


Eric Burguière

CNRS – ICM, France

Karim N’Diaye

ICM, France

Guillaume Dumas

Inst. Pasteur, France

Célya Gruson-Daniel

CNRS – ICM, France

Céline Hernandez

ENS, France



Eric Burguière


Stanley Durrleman

ICM / Inria

Emmanuelle Mauduit


Adrien Schramm

External professional event organizer (